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The Task

Vsedoli was just entering the big market of real estate and they needed our help to accomplish what was planned. The client was launching a new real estate sell, buy and rent website in Moscow, Russia. The main idea was to create a simple to use, and simple to search website. Users should be able to explore different house and apartments propositions, filter and navigate through them easily, and add their own notices if they wish. One of the challenges was also the need to create a UI system and overall look, that would be different from the many competitor websites.

The Solution

The result was a clean, modern, simple and minimalistic website UI and UX design with a fully built UI kit. A warm color palette was chosen: it helps the user to stay focused on important things and relaxed at the same time. The warm, faint brown colors are used for unobtrusive and minor user interface elements, such as description text, icons, lines, and borders. Important UI elements such as buttons, radio buttons, checkboxes, options sliders and other important elements are in bright colors, to draw user’s attention, when needed.
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