Teapot UI Concept

ux concept ui

The Task

Somewhere out there is an IT company with a team of about 20 people. The team members are located in 3 rooms, and there is also a kitchen. Once in a while a team member makes some tea. To do so, some water need to be poured inside a teapot, it needs to be turned on, and then you need to wait some time, before it boils. Not everyone is waiting: most people are leaving the teapot and going to work. They often forget about the teapot, and someone else comes and takes the hot water. A few geeks around the office want to built a program to remotely control the teapot. The task is to create the UI for this software and get rid of most teapot problems.

The Solution

The concept is as simple as possible. The program runs on every OS: Windows, OSX, Linux, as a simple indication panel utility (the same principle as Dropbox or Creative Cloud app). This gives the opportunity to always show the program icon, which changes accordingly to the teapot condition and it’s water level. It’ also possible to show system messages—which are also important—to announce about the actions regarding the teapot. The only one button serves as a status indicator and is the only control element. Every other information is displayed using colors and animations.
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