A simple Adobe Photoshop script for adding a browser window (or any kind of frame) to your designs. The browserwindow script is made to be customizable. Feel free to do anything you want with it. The browserwindow.psd is included just for demonstration purposes. The script doesn't just apply that browser window, you can make it to apply an iPhone, iPad, whatever. For more info visit the page on GitHub.

Download (43.7Kb)


The browserwindow.psd contains two layer groups. The first is browserwindow, obviously. It contains all the main layers, that are used in the frame creation. You are free to change the layers as you want – resize them, rearrange them, drag them around, apply styles... Just remember not to rename the layers and the layer group.


To use the script, copy the unzipped folder to your Photoshop Scripts folder (C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit)/Presets/Scripts). Open or create a document, and run the script from File > Scripts > browserwindow. For more info and insights, visit the project on GitHub.

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